Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I couldn't think of anything to write a blog about, so I am reusing someone else's idea. So?

About a year ago, I went to the library hoping to find an interesting cookbook. "Interesting" in this context means:

-Can be read for the pure joy of reading, away from the kitchen
-Is about a cool region of the world, but mostly talks about cooking technique
-Rachael Ray is not on the cover

While I'm looking, Otto the great chimes in with "you should get this one" and has retrieved what looks like an encyclopedia. I take a look and realize he's right. I should get this one. It's Glorious French Food by James Peterson and it becomes the best cookbook I've ever held in my hands.

As I read, the style seems familiar, and to confirm a suspicion I hunt down an old issue of Saveur and realize that, yes, Peterson wrote one of my favorite articles ever, about Escoffier-style sauces yielding to the nouveau cuisine approach in the late 20th century. Awesome.

So I thought: I know! I'll cook every recipe in this book, blog about it, and sell the movie rights to Norah Ephron.

Just kidding. I figured it'd be Werner Herzog.

After a few weeks of fiddling around and loving every minute of it, I had to return GFF to the library and pay a late fee. Fast forward to me receiving an amazon gift certificate for Christmas (2009), from my boss. And for a mere $13 + shipping I've got my very own 742 pages of scrumptious. There are even a dozen or so blanks at the back for "Notes", which I can write on 'cause this is mine all mine!

I'll introduce myself more completely later if you want. For now you can do a background check by googling "Mateo_LeFou".


  1. Mateo, can't wait to see what you cook up. Hopefully I'll be able to sample once in a while too!