Friday, March 19, 2010

Royales with Cheese

So, Wednesday night we just made hamburgers. Scrumptious, but not-so-French, and the boys seem to like it. Last night, though, things got pretty serious as my sister and her daughters came to town for some feasting. And someone's birthday party, I think.

I was off-book for that one too, but I'll tell the tale. There's a well-kept (unless everyone just forgot to tell me) *super secret way to get pork tenderloin perfect: slice the thing lengthwise horizontally. Like if the tenderloin is a bus you're cutting all the passengers' heads off.

The result is just the right thickness so that you can marinate and grill it, basting all the while, and have a nice crisp crust on it, the interior safely cooked through, and *not (so so not) dry it out.

For marinate I just did vinegar, olive oil, fresh tarragon, salt/pepper, and herbs de provence.

The white sauce is yogurt with fresh tarragon and a touch of the leftover aïoli. Also pictured are straightforward blanched green beans and shiitakes sauteed in butter then simmered in stock until all the stock was inside the shiitakes. This made people happy:

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