Saturday, March 13, 2010

Now with Pics!

Alright, I've got some catching up to do. I've been off the book a bit, technically speaking, but continue to incorporate Peterson's advice into the daily ritual. Here's your basic cucumber and basil salad, plus these miniature heirloom tomatoes that I love love love.

I'll work on making the pictures a bit better..

Okay also noodles with asparagus, prosciutto and morels, making this another unintentionally vegetarian meal (it was Thursday). The half-and-half basically broke when I added it, but these tasted good anyway:

Friday we had shrimp two-ways, but I got no pictures. One way was with lots of masala powder, tomatoes, and more half-and-half which didn't break this time. The other way was just sauteed in shallotty oil then finished with a shot of tequila. I love this way of doing shrimp.

Okay, today is actually Saturday and I just finished a lunch that I'm proud of, so will make a separate post for that.


  1. Thanks for the pics. The shrimp sauteed with the shallotty oil and tequila sounds really good.

  2. Ha, I just reread this and somehow implied that prosciutto was a vegetable. Well, there wasn't very much of it.